The history of Intermol begins in 1984. We start a little moulding warehouse, with local coverage. Little by little, we increase our product offer, giving every customer modern and competitive moulding, but always focused on customer service.

Soon we offer national coverage, and we are well-recognise as a young and dynamic company. Our goal is always the same, which is to offer the market a great service, with a well-design product, with highest quality standards, and at affordable price. This objective is in our NDA, and is the core of our business.

We start to export shyly, in neighbour markets, but then we become a worldwide player, suppying the best customers in every market, but always focusing on the same principles.

We are able to offer a good quality product using last generation machinery and the most suitable raw materials, and we offer an optimal service with  our advance stock control.

We take care of environment, and this is why we offer FSC certification, which means a high percentage of our production comes from sustainable forests. We also use processes and products to protect the planet.

Welcome to Intermol.