Intermol is the Ecommerce reference for purchase online mouldings for pictures. Our catalogue is focused on meeting all the needs of the professionals in the frame. In our online shop you can easily find the right moulding to give an excellent service to your customers. You can use the filters we make available to you search for mouldings according to your profile, type of decoration, color, size, wood, use or collection. You can also order for price, we have cheap and quality mouldings at an always competitive price. We are manufacturers, all the wooden mouldings we sell are made in Spain in our own factory located in Valencia. 

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Buy picture frame mouldings online easily and simply

Buying picture moldings on our website becomes an easy and comfortable experience. At Intermol we put at your disposal our extensive catalog of products with more than a thousand references of frame moldings spread across more than eighty product collections, so that you have plenty of variety to choose from. p>

Next, we have prepared a guide so that choosing the appropriate molding on our website is a quick and simple process.

In addition, if you have any questions during the online purchasing process, we put our experienced customer service team at your service. You can contact us on our phone and also through our email. We will do our best to ensure that you purchase the picture molding you are looking for.

Guide to buying picture frame mouldings on our website

The wood moldings are a fundamental element of the painting and largely determine its final appearance in the world of wall decoration.

As a professional, you can find the right mold for picture framing based on the following criteria:

  • According to the moulding profile, taking into account its shape and measurements.
  • Due to the type of decoration and color, a fundamental aspect that defines the decorative style of the painting to be framed.
  • Depending on the finish, since we have smooth and engraved moldings.
  • By type of wood or material. We manufacture our moldings in different types of wood, mainly finger pine and ayús. We also have references in other types of wood. Alternatively, we also sell aluminum moldings.
  • Due to the specific application they have, since their use for canvases, objects, mirrors or special framing shapes require moldings with specific characteristics such as American boxes, moldings with high rebate or called showcases.
  • Apart from moldings themselves, we also manufacture and sell in our online store other wooden products related to framing such as wooden slats, slats and slats.
  • By Collection, since over the years we have incorporated a wide variety of periodic releases.
  • Another important criterion is the price, remember that you can order the products by their value from highest to lowest or vice versa.
  • Finally, you should keep in mind that our moldings are served in bars about 3 meters long and generally in 6 and 12 meter formats, depending on the width of the bar. This determines the minimum order that can be placed for each reference. For manufacturing reasons, it is normal that in some cases the moldings are supplied below the measurements shown. Of course, the amount of molding finally delivered will always be invoiced.

The profile of the moulding

It should be taken into account that the moldings are measured by their width, height and rebate. In each product sheet we provide a technical drawing of the molding profile so that you have no doubts.

Decorated picture frame moulding

We call the visible part that goes on the wood and gives it a series of characteristics based on color and texture. The processes to apply a decoration can be varied, from direct painting, lacquering, application of films or veneers.

We have frame moldings in all types of colors and finishes. To make your access on the web more comfortable, we have distributed them in white, black, gold, silver, wood tones and bright colors. We have a section of special moldings with unusual finishes and colors. We also have undecorated moldings, with raw models and natural wood finishes.

Picture frame mouldings by type of framing

Most of our moldings have a versatile use and their main function is to form part of decorative picture frames. We also have moldings with special characteristics that make them ideal for certain specific uses:

The high rebate moldings are ideal for floating framing and for works with a certain thickness.

Showcase-type moldings, in which thicker objects, clothing and works can be framed.

L-shaped moldings, American box, or canvas drawer. As their name indicates, they are a type of molding suitable for framing pieces with a certain thickness such as traditional canvases and other more modern printing materials such as foam board, dibond, methacrylate or wooden boards.

Mirror moldings, with a width and type of decoration suitable for decorating any dressing room, bathroom or hall.

Engraved mouldings or smooth mouldings

The picture frames made from engraved moldings are striking and have their own personality. In our catalog we have engravings with different types of shapes and drawings. They can work for classic works, but also to generate a modern contrast with a certain type of more current work.

Frames mounted with smooth moldings are more sober and generally have less visual weight on the framed work. We have smooth moldings of a wide variety of shapes and decorations, with straight or rounded edges and multiple angle profiles.

Types of picture frame mouldings

We have a extensive catalog of picture moldings with a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes. We have solutions for frames of any style of decoration, with the idea that our product adapts to each type of environment, be it modern, rustic or the latest trend.

Manufacturing materials for picture moldings

We use different types of wood to make the picture moldings:

  • Fundamentally our moldings are made of finger pine wood from sustainable forests and with FSC certification.
  • Due to its qualities, we also manufacture with ayús wood, since it is a light and easy to handle material.
  • In order to have a wide diversity of options, we have references made with other woods such as oak, ramin, koto, mansonia, maple or beech.
  • In our catalog we also have mouldings made of aluminum. A cheap and versatile material, suitable for certain uses.

Picture frame moulding collections

Throughout the years of Intermol's history, the company has been concerned with launching new products periodically, which has allowed us to maintain a wide and updated catalog according to the latest trends in decoration.

Currently we have more than eighty molding collections, each of them with a differentiated personality and design. Visit our collections section to learn about each of them.

Stretcher bars, slats and inlays

Apart from moldings themselves, we also manufacture and sell in our online store other wooden products related to framing such as:

Stretcher bars:

Our slats are undecorated elongated pieces of finger pine or ayús wood. They have a rectangular shape and are molded on four sides with rounded edges. It has varied uses to mount a frame, canvas, or as a hanger or rear reinforcement for paintings.


The slats are used as spacers that fit into the molding recess to create space between the work to be framed and the glass. They work great with our collection of high rebate moldings or with display cases.


It is a type of flat and narrow molding that is usually used in combination with other moldings, located between the work and the frame. They are commonly used to obtain unique results and highlight the framed work. They can also be used independently for standard framing.

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