Foamboard, also known as foam board, foam, foamcore or foam board, is a material presented in panels or sheets of polystyrene foam coated with an outer paper face on each side, usually white coated paper or brown kraft paper.

The main characteristics of foam board is that it is a very light material, but at the same time rigid, which is why it is used very frequently for assembly, decoration and space division tasks.

Foamboard is especially used in sectors such as framing, advertising and marketing due to its versatility in topics such as event presentations, stand assembly and promotional actions.

In our foamboard section we offer you a wide range of products at a very competitive price. Discover a wide range of colours, thicknesses and sizes of foam for all kinds of projects.

Buy foam board online

In our foam board section we offer you a wide variety of products that adapt to any need.

Buying foam cardboard at Intermol is a comfortable, fast and simple experience, since we offer you a filter to find the product according to your height preferences , width, thickness and also price. You can also choose between different types of foam board such as white, black, kraft, adhesive, mixed or acid free.

Guide to buying foam cardboard in our online store

At Intermol we offer you a extensive catalog of foam board products. When buying foam in our online store we must take into account the following criteria to choose the one that best suits our project:

- Color of the foam board:

First of all we must choose the color of the outer layers of the foam board. Here we have the following options: foam board with its two layers in white, in brown Kraft, mixed (with a brown layer and a white layer) and black on both sides, with its inner core also in black.

- Dimension of the foam board sheet:

Another criterion to take into account when buying foam board at Intermol is the size of the board or the measurements of the foamboard. Both their height measurements – which can be between 700 and 1,530 – and width, which are offered between 1000 and 3050 mm.

- Thickness of foam board:

As we have seen, foamboard is a material that has great rigidity with minimal weight. At Intermol we can find foam board of different thicknesses. We have 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thick plates available.

- Foam board aadhesive or non-adhesive:

You can choose whether the foam is adhesive or not. If you are looking for adhesive foam board, you must take into account that the adhesive is on one of the sides, which makes it ideal for different, more demanding jobs such as mock-ups, product presentations or different events.

- Acid free foam board or suitable for museum use:

In our online store you can also define if you want the foam board to be acid free on both sides (acid free) or not.

- Box format:

At Intermol we offer you different plate options per box. So you will find boxes with 10, 20 and 30 foam cardboard units in different sizes and thicknesses.

- Price of foam board:

Our filter also allows you to select the price range of the products that interest you.

Foam board ranges at Intermol

In our online store you will find a varied catalog of foam board products such as the BASIC series, the PLUS series, and the ALU series. Below we analyze its main characteristics so that you can choose the foam that best suits your needs.

BASIC series foam board

The foam board of the BASIC series, as its name indicates, offers us products with the most demanded sizes and finishes, and at the best price From the market.

PLUS series foam board

PLUS series foamboard is a superior quality foamboard. It is available in a multitude of finishes and formats, perfect for exceptional results.

ALU series foam board

This foam board is characterized by having a double layer of internal aluminum, which guarantees maximum rigidity and stability of the product. Our recommendation is that it be used for prints and all types of large format sizes.

Uses of foam board

As we have seen previously, foam board is a very versatile material that has a smooth surface on which to make all types of prints. These advantages make foamboard a product used in different sectors and for different uses.

Foam board for framing and decoration

In the framing sector, foam board is used on the back of paintings or photographs. It can be used as a base in paintings since a sheet of foam board can highlight any image you want to frame.

It can also be used as a decorative element without the need to put a frame on it. Since it can be used as a painting and stuck to the wall without the need to drill. Homes, work spaces, galleries or exhibition halls choose foam to decorate their walls due to its versatility, rigidity and lightness.

Foam board in exhibitions

Foamboard works very well as murals for exhibitions or decorations, since foamboard is usually used to divide environments in exhibition rooms in a way temporary, to provide information about the sample or as a large decorative element. The main advantage of foam for this use is that it is very easy and simple to transport due to its low weight.

Foamerboard in architecture and other sectors

In the field of architecture, foam board is very frequently used to design models of future projects that you want to carry out. The lightness of this material and its ease of working make it the star material for presentations of projects and products in different sectors.

And as we said before, adhesive foamboard is used for more sophisticated jobs since it allows for more demanding uses. The main reason is that it has a thin adhesive film in one of its layers, which makes it easy to be used in different projects such as models, lettering or airplane modeling, among others.

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