The Intermol Gallery System is an innovative system for hanging pictures on the wall or ceiling without the need to drill holes. It is carried out through guides that can withstand up to 50 kilos of weight and can be manipulated very easily.

If you are looking for a complete solution for hanging suspended paintings from ceilings or walls, at Intermol you will find all the necessary products. Get to know our Gallery System: comfortable, easy to install and with the highest features to obtain a totally professional result.

We are leaders in the sale of framing products for professionals and we work to satisfy the demand of museums, galleries, offices, companies, town halls and exhibition halls throughout Spain and part of Europe.


Curved rod 244 cm

Height: 2440mm


244 cm metal curved rod. Easy installation and handling thanks to your system to hang pictures or weight objects. Recommended for museums thanks to...

Curved rod 182 cm

Height: 1820mm


182 cm metal curved rod. Easy installation and handling thanks to your system to hang pictures or weight objects. Recommended for museums thanks to...

Curved rod 122 cm

Height: 1220mm


122 cm metal curved rod. Easy installation and handling thanks to your system to hang pictures or weight objects. Recommended for museums thanks to...

Buy picture hanging systems online

The system for hanging suspended pictures without having to drill holes in the wall from Intermol, the Gallery System, is perfect for art galleries, museums or exhibition halls, but also for living rooms, dining rooms and hallways in the home.

Our Gallery System solution allows us to hang pictures without having to make holes in the walls or ceiling, through the use of guides.

This complete picture hanging system is made up of a series of items such as:

  • The guides
  • Cables and hangers
  • Fixing clips
  • Connectors
  • Guide stops
  • Nails and screws

Guide to buy Gallery System in our online store

When purchasing your Gallery System picture hanging system online in the Intermol ecommerce you have to take into account different items that will make up the entire picture hanging system.

The guides

The first product you should choose and the one that has the most weight when opting for a picture hanging system without holes is the guide. The guide can be wall or ceiling and this will depend largely on the weight that the paintings are going to have and, of course, on the walls and ceilings that you have in your home, gallery or museum.

The Intermol Gallery System is fixed to the guides using connectors if it is a wall guide or directly suspended from the ceiling.

At Intermol we offer you different types of guides adapted to different needs.

We see below the characteristics of each one:

Click Guide: The Click guide is the best-selling on the market thanks to its discreet design. It is available in white and silver colors, and in 200 or 300 cm bars. This guide supports up to 50 kilos of weight and you can choose between several types of cables and hangers.

Extra Guide: The Extra guide is indicated for hanging pictures and heavy objects. It is ideal for galleries and museums due to its ease of manipulation. Choose between metal rods or nylon or steel cables. Available in white and silver in 200cm long bars. Supports up to 70 kg per guide.

Ceiling Guide: The Ceiling guides are designed exclusively for hanging your paintings, crafts or any other element directly from the ceiling. These guides are available in white and silver, in 200 cm bars and support up to 50 kilos per guide.

The guides will determine the fixing clicks as well as the hooks and hangers that you can choose.

Cables and hangers

Along with the guides, another of the prominent elements that make up the Gallery System are the cables.

At Intermol we offer you nylon cables or steel cables so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Cables for picture hanging systems can go unnoticed or want to be seen. If you opt for a barely visible cable, opt for the nylon one since it usually goes unnoticed, giving all the attention to the works. The other option is to opt for steel cables that have a sophisticated touch if the intention is to show the suspension system.

In addition to the cables, we must choose other elements such as stops, rods, hooks or hangers. At Intermol we have a wide assortment of hangers so you can choose the one that best suits the painting or object you are going to hang.

Picture hanging accessories

Another important element when choosing the picture hanging system are the hooks. When choosing the ideal hooks for our Gallery System we have to take into account some aspects such as the weight that the hanging paintings will have, if you want them to be more discreet or more striking, or if It is exclusive for metal rods, for example.

In addition to the hooks, other items necessary to complete the Gallery System are the stops, clips, connectors, plugs and screws, all for sale in our e-commerce of products for the framing.

In the Intermol online store we give you everything you need so you can hang the paintings without having to drill holes. We offer you decorative solutions so you don't have to damage your walls or ceilings. This way you can change the decoration of your living room, dining room or hall as many times as you want, only changing the works and images.

For museum, exhibition hall or art gallery professionals, our Gallery System offers a suspension solution of the highest quality and guarantee. Hang objects and paintings weighing up to 40 kilos using our guides, hangers, cables and hooks, ideal for holding a large number of works.

We are suppliers of picture suspension systems in the main museums, exhibition halls and art galleries in our country. We will be happy to give you a solution for your need.

If you need more information or help when purchasing the Gallery System, contact our customer service team.

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