Molduras para espejos Intermol


Mouldings for mirrors, large or small, are elements that add a distinctive touch to the interior decoration of spaces. Whatever the style of a living room, bedroom or bathroom, decorative mirror mouldings are capable of transforming the appearance and atmosphere of a room. At Intermol, we manufacture and sell a wide range of designs and styles of FSC© certified pine wood mirror mouldings. Discover our extensive catalog of moldings to frame mirrors in a variety of engraved or smooth profiles of different decorative styles.

Types of mouldings to frame mirrors

Mirror mouldings are functional and aesthetic pieces that can become the focal point of a living room or room, adding style and distinction to the space. For this reason, these mirrors with moldings acquire the greatest importance in their decorations and finishes.


Since mirrors are used in various rooms such as bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms or dressing rooms, the choice of mirror frames varies depending on the location chosen.

On the one hand, bathroom mirror mouldings must be functional and decorative as well as resistant to moisture. And, on the other hand, the moldings for mirrors in living rooms, halls, bedrooms or dressing rooms fulfill a more aesthetic function and the decoration of the mirror molding takes on all the prominence.

In our catalog of mouldings for mirror frames we offer a wide variety with more than 90 references, where you will find all types of designs to satisfy the various current trends and decorative needs.


The designs of the different collections of mirror mouldings are exclusive to Intermol and each collection has its own character given by the different profiles, decorations and finishes that we make.

Next, let's discover what types of mirror mouldings we manufacture and sell at Intermol.

Intermol mirror frame mouldings

The Intermol mirror molding is a molding specially designed for different decoration trends. For this reason, at Intermol, we have engraved moldings and smooth moldings of different profiles and finishes.

In addition, the materials we use are of high quality to offer greater durability of the mirror moulding and, for this reason, we use FSC© certified finger pine wood.

Molduras para espejos Intermol

Wooden moldings for mirrors in pine with FSC© certification

We manufacture all our wooden mirror moldings from FSC© certified finger pine, top quality and with the greatest possible resistance, in our facilities in Valencia.

This FSC® certification from Intermol is a guarantee of sustainability. Products with the FSC® label come from responsibly reforested forests and promote conscious use of our environmental wealth.


You can discover more about FSC© in the following article.

Molduras para espejos Intermol

Decorative mouldings for mirrors: decorations and finishes by Intermol

Gold or silver mouldings for mirrors and other metallic decorations

The metallic colored decorations on framed mirrors give sophistication and elegance to the spaces. Here our golden mouldings for mirrors stand out, our silver mouldings for mirrors and other metallic colors, such as champagne or aged steel.

Frames and mouldings for mirrors in wood tones

This type of decoration, of frames and mouldings for mirrors, in wood tones can be more suited to a type of Nordic, rustic or Mediterranean style decoration, although it can combine with other styles. Depending on the collection of mirror moldings, their design and finish will respond to one decorative style or another. You can find oak, beech, hazelnut tones with wood-type textures or engravings.

Black and white mirror mouldings

However, the most versatile mirror mouldings with decorations, which fit any style, are the black and white mirror mouldings. This type of mirror moulding is a classic for more neutral or minimalist decorations.

Molduras para espejos Intermol

Our Collections of Mouldings for Mirror Frames

Among our collections of mirror mouldings, the most notable moldings for framing mirrors due to their size and versatility are the following: Cartago, Iceland, Link, Mosaico, Country, Touareg and Organic. All of them are based on an 85mm wide profile that facilitates their adaptability to any space.



- Cartago, this new collection of engraved mirror mouldings has its own engraved design in 5 different decorations.

- Iceland, an engraved collection that stands out for its unique and striking design, available in 4 different decorations.

- Link, a collection of engraved moldings with an interlocking geometric design in a versatile style, found in 4 decors.

- Mosaico, a collection with a geometric and delicate engraving with a succession of small squares, available in 5 decorations and in another narrower profile for other applications.

- Country, a collection with a rustic appearance due to its 5 decorations in wood with a worn style, which we also find in 2 other narrower profiles: 4017 and 1717.

- Touareg, a collection of moldings with an engraving that gives it a rustic or vintage appearance texture, available in 4 decorations.

- Organic, this collection of wide mirror mouldings is ideal for lovers of wood tones and the texture of wood grain. It is available in 6 decorations that simulate wood and in a wide variety of profiles, including high rebate moldings, American boxes and other narrow profiles for different types of works.

Buy moldings for large mirrors online at Intermol

If you have a workshop, glass shop or framing store and/or a project to make custom mirrors, such as a hotel, you can buy mirror moldings in our online catalog in a comfortable and simple way. Our catalog ranges from cheap mirror framing mouldings, at competitive prices, to premium mirror mouldings.

Committed to quality, we use durable and resistant materials in the manufacture of our mirror moldings. This ensures not only a stunning visual appearance, but also a long lifespan that will stand the test of time.

At Intermol we manufacture all our moldings to make mirror frames in our facilities in Valencia and we distribute our moldings throughout the world, just as Leroy Merlin or Bauhaus sell moldings for mirrors.


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